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C. Sanders

This shop is a hidden gem! The service here is top notch with a degree  of personal attention unusual in today's in-and-out shop culture. The  only struggle you may face is pinning down the proprietor who appears to  be rushing ceaselessly from one task to another. If you stop to talk or  even just watch the mechanic at his business, it becomes obvious this  guy knows the in's-and-out's of his work like it was written on his  skin.

I move around with the Forest Service, which is what  brought me initially to this beautiful and tiny part of the world. When  my starter went out I was left with little choice but to call the only  mechanic Prairie City had to offer, and I must admit, I was a bit  skeptical of what this rural shop may charge me and the service they  would provide. Given the opportunity I would have gone the extra mile to  go to Bend or Boise for service... Boy did I end up surprised. Not only  did I get charged far less than I expected, but within the day a new  starter had been ordered and installed. The next day the starter went  out again; when I called Prairie City Motors, the proprietor stopped all  work to drive out to me with a brand new starter. He replace the dud on  the spot and refused to accept any payment - even for gas!

 Since that initial service, I've been exclusively  using Prairie  City Motors and I have never been let down and NEVER CHARGED OR UPSOLD  FOR SOMETHING I DIDNT NEED! Insanely enough, half the time I feel guilty  at the ridiculously cheap prices I am charged for labor. When I attempt  to tip the owner his reply is always "I just like doing nice things for  people". Lastly, as a side note, as an avid and professional  cyclist, Prairie City Motors and Cycles offers some rare bicycle  know-how along the Old West Scenic Bikeway and Trans-America. The owner  does not keep a full stock of bike parts but has the skills necessary to  get most riders out of any pickle. Coming from someone who has spent  his whole life wrenching bikes,  this place is one of your only options  for a broken wheel while touring for some distance. Additionally, with a  professional background in motorcycle racing, the owner custom builds  some of the craziest e-bikes I've ever seen. Bottom line:   Prairie City Motors and Cycles is the unusual exception to the rule "if  it seems too good to be true, it is" and the proprietor is an eccentric  mad scientist of the mechanical world and is just as enjoyable to engage  with as he is to have as a mechanic. I recommend with full confidence


L. Sousa-Sommo

I see Ingo for all of my mechanical needs. His knowledge and expertise  are only rivaled by his customer service - he TRULY cares. He takes the  time to be sure his customers are comfortable with the process, have a  full understanding of the issue at hand, and any work he plans to do. I  have seen him for problems big and small, and I've always left fully  satisfied by the professional work done at an affordable price. I saved  hundreds of dollars (compared to quotes given by other area shops) by  taking my business to Prairie City Motors. Thank you Ingo, you are an  asset to the community!


Ellen M.

We had a great experience with Prairie City Motors on August 8, 2014.   We were traveling from eastern Oregon on our way to Bend when the  alternator died in our BMW.  Fortunately we were just coming into  Prairie City on the last bit if battery juice and we were directed to  Prairie City Motors.  The owner, Ingo Wedee was enormously helpful in  figuring out what needed to be done, getting the battery re-charged   (which took over night) directing us to the hotel in town, selling us a  back-up battery ( with jumpers cables and wrench thrown in).  The next  day, he sent us on our way with his phone number so we could call if we  needed help finding a place to get a intermediate charge.     He was  really concerned for us and made sure we had a safe plan for proceeding.   The charge was very reasonable too!

Just can't be more  positive about our experience with Ingo and Prairie City Motors!

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