We want to thank everyone that came out to see Ingo's Art during the Eclipse Weekend.  We loved sharing Ingo's sculptures with people. We are planning on taking some of his pieces on the road to other shows in the near future. 

   We also had several people look at and take test rides on his amazing E-Bike creations! Another venture of his to keep your eye on! 

Ingo's Art in the Parks in Prairie City

   At our September 13, 2017 City Council meeting, Ingo & Christine presented a proposal to the City offering to install a piece of Ingo's Art in the town's RV park and the Council unanimously agreed! We were also given permission to update the fountain at the City park!  We are thankful and excited for the opportunity to share his Art with the Community. If you are in the area this Summer come by and see!


  February ~ Ingo and Christine had an adventure bringing home over 3 tons of beautiful, large rocks driving over 175 miles at night, in a snow storm! We both would like to thank Kevin with Able Supply for the generous donation! We are on track for launch on July 4th!


   January ~ Ingo has been working on designs for the sculpture going into Depot Park and ideas for the redesign of the City Fountian. The official unveiling will be on July 4th!

July ~ After hours of moving rocks & dirt, meeting new people, having a few ‘artistic differences‘ between Us And getting to much sun, we got it done! The Fountian was turned on in time for the 4th of July parade. The entire thing was redesigned and a bench was added. We really like the way it turned out and so does the Community! This is something that Ingo has wanted to do for the City of Prairie City for many years.

Art on display at 1188!

Some of Ingo’s art is now on display at 1188 Brewing  in John Day, Oregon!

Stop in, enjoy a local Brew and have a look at the art in person!

All pieces are for sale, call or email for info! 

Christine 360.471.1032   


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 Found Metal Art by Ingo